Westminster Garden Furniture

Product Cleaning

One of the endearing qualities of teak is its amazing resistance to the elements. Teak can be left outside
for many years and over time will weather to a silver-grey. If you wish to remove the silver-grey appearance,
use Westminster Cleaner and Renovator which will return the wood to its original brown patina. Follow
these treatments with a thorough drying and a gentle sanding with a fine sandpaper to smooth any raised
grain. To prolong the original look of your teak furniture, Westminster offer an easy to apply, water-based
Protector. Westminster Protector is a cosmetic application and does not prolong the life of the furniture.
After a period of time teak can develop end grain checking, which is quite natural and does not detract from
the timber’s strength or durability.

These materials require very little maintenance. To ensure your furniture retains its new appearance our
non foaming woven and sling cleaner will quickly and easily clean our woven ranges.

The covers are made from heavy duty Black polyester PVC coated fabric including a velcro bottom hem,
where necessary, to secure. Covers are designed to protect complete dining sets and individual deep seating
items, including cushions, against general dirt and grime. Please note: Water will permeate through the
seams and covers are liable to fade. Furniture covers carry a one year guarantee.

Stainless steel has a deserved reputation for longevity of structure and appearance, but can show signs of
staining or discolouration over time (commonly referred to as “tea staining”). This is purely cosmetic. We recommend
using Westminster stainless steel cleaner which removes the oxidisation and restores the metals natural
glossy finish. Cleaning will be necessary more regularly in coastal areas due to salt exposure.

This extremely tough and weather resistant HPL (high pressure laminate) is comparable to hardwood but
not susceptible to weathering, mould or rot. Smooth to the touch, Gentas HPL has a pore free surface structure.
We recommend the use of gentle household cleaning agents.

These materials require little maintenance. However, the use of our woven and sling cleaner will quickly and
easily restore the original appearance.

Westminster polyester fabric used for the London collection is extremely durable when used outdoors. It is
easy to sponge clean using warm soapy water. These cushions should be stored indoors when not in use.

By its very nature, powder-coated aluminium is an extremely durable material. Being almost impervious to
the elements, it requires little maintenance. However, to maintain the look of your aluminium products we
recommend that you periodically clean them with warm soapy water using a mild detergent.

For best results clean glass with glass cleaner, then finish with water on a microfibre cloth which will leave
glass smear free.

Resin requires little maintenance. However, to maintain the look of your Resin products we recommend that
you periodically clean them with warm soapy water using a mild detergent.

Westminster work with Sunbrella®, a fabric made of acrylic fibres with pigmentation added prior to extrusion,
which ensures it will not fade or degrade. Even in the harshest climates, Sunbrella® provides years of
low maintenance service and is quite simply a superb outdoor fabric that is guaranteed against the elements.
The fabric can be left outside all year round and can be simply cleaned with plain water. To remove
more stubborn stains use a mild solution of soapy water and bleach or careful use of a high pressure washer.